Skilled Lawyer Providing Asset Protection Services

For many New Yorkers reaching retirement age and beyond, assets are put at risk due to the need for long-term care and expensive medical needs. With sound legal planning, however, it is often possible to protect assets while qualifying for Medicaid and other assistance programs.

At the Law Office of Amy Posner, I provide knowledgeable asset protection advice to elders and their family members throughout New York City and surrounding areas. I help my clients by exploring a number of legal strategies, including long-term care planning, estate planning and tax planning.

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Elder Law And Asset Protection

It seems unfair that the fruits of a lifetime of work can be eaten up by medical and long-term care needs in a matter of months. This happens all too often in New York, especially to those who have not invested in long-term care and Medicaid planning. As an elder law attorney, I know how to protect my clients’ assets by planning ahead. I will work with you personally to help you explore all of the asset protection options available to you.

Asset Protection Through Estate Planning

Estate planning can help ensure that your assets are inherited by family members instead of being seized by creditors and tax collectors. With the skillful use of trusts and other estate planning documents, it is often possible to protect assets from unnecessary taxation and other liabilities.

The laws regarding estate taxes are ever evolving. I keep up to date on the latest developments in New York and federal estate tax laws to ensure my clients preserve as much of their assets as the law allows.

Contact A Tax Planning Attorney Who Can Serve You

If you are seeking an experienced lawyer to help you protect assets from nursing home costs, lawsuits, unnecessary taxes and other liabilities, I am here for you. Contact my law office today online, or by telephone at 212-385-1951 to speak with a knowledgeable New York City asset protection attorney. I represent clients in Manhattan and throughout the New York City metropolitan area.