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A guardianship grants a person the authority to make decisions on behalf of a person who is no longer able to make sound decisions for him or herself. If you are seeking a guardianship over an incapacitated adult in New York, I can help you with all of the legal details. I offer reasonable rates and will work to achieve your legal goals in the most cost-effective manner possible.

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Article 81 Guardianships In New York

Under New York law, an Article 81 Guardianship is a proceeding that appoints a third party to have decision-making authority over personal and financial details of an incapacitated person’s life.

Guardians are typically close family members or friends of the disabled person. A guardian can be given authority over matters such as:

  • Making financial transactions
  • Managing bank accounts
  • Managing investments
  • Routine medical treatment

I am here to explain the guardianship process to you and help you understand the rights and responsibilities you will have as a guardian. I will handle all of the paperwork with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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