Providing Long-Term Care Planning Services With An Attention To Detail

The average cost of nursing home care in New York City is approximately $120,000 per year. In order to preserve assets while preparing for this enormous financial burden, it is important to start planning at least five years in advance. Assistance programs such as Medicaid generally have a five-year “look back” period, meaning they can look at your financial transactions for the past five years to see if you have divested assets to another person.

At the Law Office of Amy Posner, I assist clients in long-term care planning and other elder law matters, helping them preserve assets, including family homes, family businesses and retirement savings. This is a very complex area of law, but I am prepared to give you the knowledgeable guidance and strong representation you need.

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Knowledgeable Guidance For Long-Term Care Planning

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to long-term care planning. Before making recommendations, I will need to thoroughly examine your overall financial situation to determine, which benefits you are eligible for, and which assets may be at risk.

Depending upon your age, income, health and other factors, you may be eligible for government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. You may have insurance coverage that covers some of your medical needs.

My practice is focused on all of the legal areas that come into play in long-term care planning, including:

I can give you the comprehensive representation you need to ensure your long-term care needs are met, without having to give up any more assets than you need to.

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