Strong Representation Through Probate Litigation

When a person dies with a valid will in place, contesting or challenging it can be complicated and very difficult to prove. Typically, most wills that pass through probate, do so without issue. Since the person who created the will (testator) is no longer able to speak to their wishes, the courts remain strict about following any directions their will has provided.

If someone is threatening to challenge the will of your loved one, or if you believe there is cause to challenge another person’s will, the Law Office of Amy Posner is here to assist you. For more than 25 years, I have successfully represented beneficiaries, executors, heirs and other individuals involved in all types of New York probate and estate administration matters, including complex estate litigation.

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Common Reasons To Challenge A Will

Any individual who believes they have interests to gain from a person’s will can decide to challenge it. The most common reasons for contesting a will are:

  • Testamentary capacity — The testator suffered an illness which affected their mental capacity to write a will.
  • Undue influence, forgery or fraud — The testator lacked free will and was manipulated into writing a will.
  • Second marriage — The testator remarried, but the will was not updated to include their current spouse.
  • A newer will is found — The testator has an updated will, but the executor is attempting to carry out the terms of an older will.
  • Holographic wills — The will was handwritten by the testator with no witnesses present.

Estate disputes can be costly and cause major disruptions to your life. It is important to speak with an experienced estate administration and probate trial lawyer at the first sign of conflict. With proper legal guidance, you may be able to resolve these issues early on, through more favorable and cost-effective manners.

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